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The Way to Wiselinks-1.0

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More then half a year has passed since Wiselinks-0.1 has been released. A lot of work has been done since that. From one hundred lines of code CoffeeScript plugin Wiselinks became a Swiss Army knife for browser state management.

For those, who don’t know anything about Wiselinks: it makes following links and submitting forms in your web application faster. You may find it similar to Turbolinks or Pjax, but Wiselinks works as a whitelist rather than blacklist.


Wiselinks-1.0.0 is out, what was done for this release?

We fixed all problems with URL encoding in all browsers (even in IE, which is not a browser, but the pain for us).

History.js was updated to 1.8, and with release we got ability to drop rather ugly _suid parameter in HTML4 browsers. So instead of this in IE:

you will get:

Looks good yes? Wiselinks has grown to stable and wide spread solution, it has maintainers, community and goals for future.

Thank you!